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You are probably booking this session to mark a really incredible time in your lives and hiring a photographer is definitely not something you should compromise on. If you are working with a budget for your elopement/wedding/birth, let’s customize a package that works with you!

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STOKED> I carry pure stoke to be always doing what I LOVE and create rad sh*t for people. You guys, I get to document some really rad beautiful moments for people & nothing -in photography- makes me happier than looking at the back of my camera screen after a shoot and having that feeling of excitement knowing your photos are going to be ‘SO FRIGGIN GOOD’ !!

Oh & THEN, showing the photos to you my client(s) & hearing you say, “OMG, that’s me/us!”

For me, that right there, is SOLID GOLD !!

So please just go & checkkk out my work !



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OHHH HEYYY THERE!!! Fancy seeing you here!! Stop by my blog and read about MY life with my incredibly hot husband and three crazy gorgeous girls.  I'll share stuff from my sessions and creative work.  I would just LOVE YOU LONG TIME if you took a moment to sign up for my newsletter! You know why?! ‘cause I want you to know what the happenins’ is with me and keep you up to date on any upcoming projects & promos I might have! Well heck yeah!

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