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HEYYYYY !!!! ALOHA! I’m Stephanie but my close friends call me Steph! I live in a small sleepy beach town in Southern California with my best friend and three sassy, wild, and crazy beautiful, little girls. Most days you'll find me with the girls dancing around to jams in the kitchen, or just hanging at the beach all day building sandcastles and playing in the waves.  I am definitely a hopeless romantic, a hard ass worker, a BIGTIME day dreamer, and an artist.

After years of chasing my family around, I was encouraged to capture these same moments for those around me. I am so passionate about seizing those "in-between" tender connections. I thrive on those hard hug grabs and deep passionate face kisses. I’d like to think that all humans do. These moments are fleeting and far or few “in-between”. THAT is why these sessions matter. There will never be a more perfect time to capture your story..We will grow old with our partner next to us, the fur babies will start to gray. We all know one day the children will be grown, the toys will be gone and the hallways will quiet. A new laugh line will come and a baby will be born. So many special moments in our lives are worth capturing. I would LOVE to be the one that does that for you!

We get amazing photographs when you show your natural connection during our sessions and not feel the pressure of posed photography.

Just let go and be free. ( And if that’s not for you then it WILL translate in our photographs & maybe my style just isn’t for you, I am not for everyone- All I ask is just TRY to be DOWN FOR IT! Don’t overthink it. I got YOU! )

If you’re feeling awkward and need guidance, no worries!! I’ll be right there to offer some prompts then step back and allow the scene to narrate itself.

(This is when you’ll start to hear alot of “click” sounds going down!!! Yupp, that’ll be me taking your photographs! I gave you the tools and stepped back to allow this whole beautiful moment to just be…and here we are now !! Look at us! I mean you! WINK WINK ; )

Yesss friends, sessions with me, are THAT EASY GOING. It’s pretty chill AF.

I have to add sort of a DISCLAIMER: & trust me when I say that I take my being a mom role VERY SERIOUSLY. I’m also one of those crier types that let the “floodgates out” over sappy moments! So um yea…definitely expect a tear or two from me if I photograph your wedding or birth. LOVE & FAMILY are what keep me going and I am pretty pumped when I meet a new couple or family!!

This is my jam. This is what I am meant to do for others. My style is documentary and emotive storytelling photography speaks to my soul. It truly is my passion to document the real authentic moments with the loves of your life.

Soo….Let's be ohana & tell your story ! !  

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