Our Rad Summer Days- Part 1


    Our Rad

    Summer Days

                                     Part I


Summers are an exciting time of year! This year the typical "100 days of summer" project became "Our Rad Summer Days"! A small but mighty group of photographers who are sharing their summer season.

Cooling off under the sprinklers and eating popsicles is totally the norm and this is also a favorite time of year for most. Yes!- it may be a busy season but we are limited in our summers with our children before they decide we are no longer "cool" enough to hang around. This summer project is SO important to me because I am documenting a time that passes so quickly. There will come a day when the sprinklers will not be as thrilling as they are now and the children will not be keen on hanging around with Mom & Dad during their summer. I chose images that embodied the childhood summer spirit. First 50 days of summer is down in the books and we have 50 more days to go! Check out the gallery of beautiful summery images. 

Happy Summer Friends! XO


anna hurley.jpg

Anna Hurley

barbie askew.jpg

Barbie Askew

Bobbi Sue Clark

Bobbi Sue Clark

Brianna Waltman.jpg

Brianna Waltman

cheryl hutchison.jpg

Cheryl Hutchison

Connie Segura-Wordekemper.jpg

Connie Segura-Wordekemper

Dana Leigh Portraits.jpg

Dana Leigh Portraits

Desra Ramey.jpg

Desra Ramey

devon pixton.jpg

Devin Pixton

heather glueckler.jpg

Heather Glueckler

Heather Hackney.jpg

Heather Hackney

jade lott chambers.jpg

Jade Lott Chambers

jana suppes.jpg

Jana Suppes

janice thorn.jpg

Janice Thorn

jen flaminio.jpg

Jen Flaminio

jen theis.jpg

Jen Theis

judith brassard bradette.jpg

Judith Brassard Bradette

justine difede.jpg

Justine DiFede

jyotsna bhamidipati.jpg

Jyotsna Bhamidipati

Kathryn Q. Angeles.jpg

Kathryn Q. Angeles

katja riga.jpg

Katja Riga

Laura frazier.jpg

Laura Frazier

Leanna campbell azzolini.jpg

Leanna Campbell Azzolini

linsey brigman davis.jpg

Linsey Brigman Davis

mateja stanovich.jpg

Mateja Stanojevich

Mel Roselli Madden.jpg

Mel Roselli Madden

Michelle Hill.jpg

Michelle Hill

murielle cascone.jpg

Murielle Cascone

Nicki Bergeson.jpg

Nicki Bergeson

nikki hollett.jpg

Nikki Hollett


Sarah Case

sarah woolsey.jpg

Sarah Woolsey


Sierra Becken


Steph Pate

summer hughes.jpg

Summer Hughes


Haley Webster

twyla jones.jpg

Twyla Jones