UA Shindig with Roots to Willows Soul Shine Photography


UA Shindig

with Sue Sonnenberg


I have been waiting to meet Sue of Roots to Willow Photography! I met her thru Unraveled Academy so I was excited to finally meet my internet buddy in person. She hosted a really amazing creative photography workshop for other San Diego members of Unraveled and let me tell say this was nothing short of amazing would be an understatement. 

So I loaded up the car and took the 45 minute drive up to the location Sue text to me. I pulled up to this empty dirt lot and across the street you could see this amazing windmill and just off in the center was an old schoolhouse. The whole ambience was the perfect setting to get the creative juices going. The old dusty antique school desks, the dated wallpaper falling apart off the walls. Little skeletons of rodents.. I mean creepy eerie sh*t but I loved every minute of it!!  I got to see Sue work her magic, hang out with Coleen Hodges, Founder of Unraveled ,  and make some new friends. Super rad day! I look forward to these again! I have really loved hanging out with more photographers this year. These relationships are impactful to me on my journey in photography. Here is the series I took from that day. Some really inspiring sh*t.  XO