LooksLikeFilm July Feature

Ohhhh was I happy to receive the LooksLikeFilm ChooChoo for this shot!! It was our first time to Disneyworld. It was a hot humid summer day. Pretty much unbearable to stand in lines for the rides at the park. We hung out at the Disneyland Resort pool until the evening and went back to see the fireworks. When we arrived back to the park, Main Street was jammed packed with people waiting everywhere for the firework show to start. We had a plan in our mind to ride all of the rides while people were watching the firework show. As we approached the castle the Disney Ushers were blocking access to other parts of the park and just when we thought we were going to miss the opportunity to jump on some rides without wait times, an usher helped us walk thru the huge crowd, just as the show was taking place. It was going DOWN!!! I pulled out my camera and it was "right place, right time" kind of thing and boom. Got this really incredible shot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and an unforgettable memories to go along with it. Thanks to my photography peers on LooksLikeFilm for giving me the love to get featured this month.