National Geographic Editor's Note Feature

National Geographic Editor Note Feature

This is a HUGE honor for me! So many amazing feelings to have a National Geographic Editor take the time out to comment on my image. This was also featured earlier in the year on another National Geographic Assignment. So to have this same photo recognized twice by them just makes my heart sing. Here is the link if you would like to take the time to read the lovely note from the Editor. 

LooksLikeFilm July Feature

Ohhhh was I happy to receive the LooksLikeFilm ChooChoo for this shot!! It was our first time to Disneyworld. It was a hot humid summer day. Pretty much unbearable to stand in lines for the rides at the park. We hung out at the Disneyland Resort pool until the evening and went back to see the fireworks. When we arrived back to the park, Main Street was jammed packed with people waiting everywhere for the firework show to start. We had a plan in our mind to ride all of the rides while people were watching the firework show. As we approached the castle the Disney Ushers were blocking access to other parts of the park and just when we thought we were going to miss the opportunity to jump on some rides without wait times, an usher helped us walk thru the huge crowd, just as the show was taking place. It was going DOWN!!! I pulled out my camera and it was "right place, right time" kind of thing and boom. Got this really incredible shot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and an unforgettable memories to go along with it. Thanks to my photography peers on LooksLikeFilm for giving me the love to get featured this month. 

July Feature- Twyla Jones Photography

Emotional Storytelling Is a big passion of mine and it's no secret I am a huge fan of Twyla's work! She has been an amazing inspiration for me on my photography journey.  I am so honored and stoked to call her a mentor of mine. To be recognized by your "inspiration" in photography is a pretty big deal to me. I literally Girl Fan over every single one of her images. The theme for her Emotional Storytelling group was to share our beautiful "backlit" images. This particular photo was under the tutelage of the super rad and sweet Coleen Hodges. We were atop a Utah mountainside during the Unraveled Retreat in Utah with this beautiful Mama with her beautiful boys. The sun was setting behind the mountain and I saw this magical opportunity to capture this stunning backlit shot.

Here is the link to check out all of the other outstanding "backlit" imagery featured in Twyla's gorgeous blog post. 

Tell me what you think about the photo in the comments too if you have a moment! 

Twyla Jones Feature Badge

Harsh Light Image Feature- Twyla Jones Photography

Twyla Jones has and Emotional Storytelling group and hosts a new amazing themes every week. It is always an honor and pleasure to be recognized by someone you look up to. She has taught me ALOT about photography and continues to challenge us to be more creative with our imagery.  The themes are perfect recipes of inspiration for emotional storytellers. I honestly mean it when I say these photographs will blow your mind! Have a look if you fancy! My shot is in there also. Thank you to Twyla Jones for working so hard on these every week.


Twyla Jones Badge

Dear Photographer P52 Radness 'Powerful Monochrome' May Feature


Dear Photographer

P52Radness Feature

Black and white photography, although colorless, strongly conveys emotion and drama in an image very beautifully. This month's Dear Photographer theme was 'Powerful Monochrome' and it was filled with all beautiful dramatic black and white portraits and certainly brought all the feels in most of the images. Truly honored and constantly inspired by these women and their vulnerability to get in front of the frame and create incredible photography. Have a look at the rest of the Dear Photographer month of May features HERE

About My Children's Art Portraiture Course & LooksLikeFilm Kids February Feature


I am SO excited to finally blog about my experience with Unraveled Academy. I was approached by one of the founders, Co Hodges, to teach a quick lesson on how I edited this photo of my sweet indigo girl. It was truly a rad experience and I am so happy to have shared that content with others. Another cool thing I shared was the Google Nik and hopefully some folks were able to download it before Dx0 took it over and is now charging coin for the service. This photo was also featured in LooksLikeFilm Kids. I've also included the rest of the series from that day in a gallery below. Feel free to check out the gorgeous images of my sweet love. And before I forget, you can also check out my interview with UA on the blog HERE