Alison, Nathan & Paige

Making it a point to blog and share more of my work this year. This was a session gifted to this gorgeous mama by a couple of her girlfriends. I mean how rad is that?! And if you’re wondering if you can gift a session to someone, The answer is YES! We all need to celebrate ourselves and our special moments- SO.. hire me to document them for you! HAH! So, I chose this location because I loved the rocky coastline and it was close to the setting that I work with back home in Imperial Beach. It was a location in Orange County, that had crappy cell service and of course parking by any beach in California is the pits so by the time Alison found parking and located me on the beach at the bottom of this cliffside cove, we realized we had maybe about 15 minutes of sunlight and blue hour left. Looking back at these, It’s crazy to think that even in that little time we had together I scored some killer photographs. She later told me this was her first family session and well that just made my heart even more happy. Check out the gallery.

Lifestyle session Corona Del Mar

July Feature- Twyla Jones Photography

Emotional Storytelling Is a big passion of mine and it's no secret I am a huge fan of Twyla's work! She has been an amazing inspiration for me on my photography journey.  I am so honored and stoked to call her a mentor of mine. To be recognized by your "inspiration" in photography is a pretty big deal to me. I literally Girl Fan over every single one of her images. The theme for her Emotional Storytelling group was to share our beautiful "backlit" images. This particular photo was under the tutelage of the super rad and sweet Coleen Hodges. We were atop a Utah mountainside during the Unraveled Retreat in Utah with this beautiful Mama with her beautiful boys. The sun was setting behind the mountain and I saw this magical opportunity to capture this stunning backlit shot.

Here is the link to check out all of the other outstanding "backlit" imagery featured in Twyla's gorgeous blog post. 

Tell me what you think about the photo in the comments too if you have a moment! 

Twyla Jones Feature Badge

Twyla Jones May Feature- Adventurous Portraits of Children


You guys you have to check out this May feature on Twyla Jones's website! She curated a really beautiful gallery of images and are featured HERE. She is so amazing at her craft and really knows how to beautifully display photography. This image was taken at the Unraveled Retreat in Utah during Twyla's class. As Twyla was giving instruction, little Sage ran across the field and stumbled on a skeleton of what looked to be a cow. She was so excited about her discovery, she scooped some of the bones up and ran back to show her Mother. In that moment, Twyla and I looked at each other gaped at the sight. Glad I had my camera handy to catch this photo too. Truly and unforgettable day and always honored to be recognized by her. 

LooksLikeFilm May Feature Part 2

LooksLikeFilm is a really rad community of photographers who share and inspire each other thru their art; photography. I have met and have been introduced to so many incredible artists in that platform. To be featured a 2nd time in May is an a HUGE honor for me. There was a time when I struggled with confidence in my photography. I realized that shooting for light first and subject second was key to killer shots. Finally, the light bulb turned on in my head. This photo was taken at the Unraveled Retreat in Utah. Unforgettable day with really rad people. But I'll save that for another blog post XO