Dear Photographer June Feature- Landscape Speaks

Dear Photographer - Landscape Speaks

I LOVE the Dear Photographer Community! There are so many talented women who share so many beautiful vulnerable images. It is always an honor and pleasure to share space with so many incredibly talented souls. This photo was taken at sunrise in Fort Lauderdale. It was a quiet morning on the beach and there was this beautiful African wedding taking place right there at the sunrise on the beach. It was a beautiful thing to witness. Love is an incredible thing. You are love and so am I. Here is my interpretation of letting the "Landscape Speak".  Thank you Dear Photographer for the feature! 

Harsh Light Image Feature- Twyla Jones Photography

Twyla Jones has and Emotional Storytelling group and hosts a new amazing themes every week. It is always an honor and pleasure to be recognized by someone you look up to. She has taught me ALOT about photography and continues to challenge us to be more creative with our imagery.  The themes are perfect recipes of inspiration for emotional storytellers. I honestly mean it when I say these photographs will blow your mind! Have a look if you fancy! My shot is in there also. Thank you to Twyla Jones for working so hard on these every week.


Twyla Jones Badge

Dear Photographer P52 Radness April 'Heirloom Vibes'


Dear Photographer has a really awesome page where photographers commit to a 52 week project of self portraiture. I was featured in their April month! The theme was "Heirloom Vibes" The link is HERE for you to check out some of the other artists too. This theme was a really fun theme and all of these women photographers are SO inspiring! They blow me away with their beautiful self portraiture. I feel incredibly stoked to be surrounded by SO much talent. 

LooksLikeFilm February Feature


Can't speak enough about how special this photo is for me. When I took on this traveling dress project we didn't expect to be shooting this series indoors. But with the weather we made the best of the situation. Nevertheless a magical portrait was made of it. February LooksLikeFilm Feature Link is HERE Congrats to all of the other amazing artists who were featured. So much outstanding photos grace the pages of LooksLikeFilm . Truly always an honor.