July Feature- Twyla Jones Photography

Emotional Storytelling Is a big passion of mine and it's no secret I am a huge fan of Twyla's work! She has been an amazing inspiration for me on my photography journey.  I am so honored and stoked to call her a mentor of mine. To be recognized by your "inspiration" in photography is a pretty big deal to me. I literally Girl Fan over every single one of her images. The theme for her Emotional Storytelling group was to share our beautiful "backlit" images. This particular photo was under the tutelage of the super rad and sweet Coleen Hodges. We were atop a Utah mountainside during the Unraveled Retreat in Utah with this beautiful Mama with her beautiful boys. The sun was setting behind the mountain and I saw this magical opportunity to capture this stunning backlit shot.

Here is the link to check out all of the other outstanding "backlit" imagery featured in Twyla's gorgeous blog post. 

Tell me what you think about the photo in the comments too if you have a moment! 

Twyla Jones Feature Badge