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If you are filling out the contact form below that must mean you like me!!! LOL

Just a run down of what to expect when booking with me.

I like to go with the flow of things. Everything is much more genuine and authentic that way. It my passion to document the real authentic moments with the loves of your life as they naturally unfold. “Cause those are the moments we truly want to remember. We will have some posed portraiture if you prefer, but I like things to just happen as it happens. Keeps things simple- for everyone :)

And let’s be REAL here, not everyone is a professional model & having a camera can be super awkward and intimidating . But not to worry!! I’ll totally try my best to make it as relaxing and CHILL for everyone! ! Well what are you waiting for?!

I can create custom packages that fit your budget! I wish I can shoot your session for free BUT I do have bills to pay and children that need caring for, a dog to feed too.

Truth is, I am not going to waste each other’s time if you are just looking for a cheap photographer. This booking is an important investment, you are commissioning me, the professional artist, to create beautiful creative imagery for you and your loved ones. Thank you for putting your trust in my experience. I see beautiful things with my camera the normal eye doesn’t see. I love sharing this with my clients. Every session means so much to me. I look forward to offering my services to you.

If you are interested in commissioning me for my art please fill out the contact form below. I’m always stoked to create.


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